ON PAPER 2009-2012

ON PAPER 2009-2012 Seated figure. Charcoal and Chalk. 11″x14″ Gesture (1). Charcoal and Chalk. 11″x14″ Nov_2012_1 Gesture. Charcoal. 11″x14″ Magali. Mixed Media. 20″x21″ juin_2012 Man Leaning Back. Charcoal and chalk. 11″x14″ Man with raised arms. Charcoal. 11″x14″ Kneeling Figure. Charcoal and Chalk. 14″x16″ Reclining Figure. Charcoal and Chalk. 14″x16″ IMG_3183 Nov_2012_3 Antonio. Charcoal and Chalk. […]

Série Présence / Émergence

Présence/Émergence Présence/Émergence is a series of large format oil paintings (198 X 145 cm). In the Montreal Gazette’s article entitled, Top Solo Show in Town, the art critic Henry Lehmann observes: Part of Despins’ triumph in such works is her ability to play emotion, something quite ephemeral and having no tangible existence, off against sheer […]

Square Format Series

Square Format The small square paintings echoes what we see in the lower part of the large paintings. With this parallel series, I wanted to further continue my exploration of the perception of the body allowing me essentially to deepen a visual expression based on the felt experience of the body rather than our predominant […]

PAINTINGS 2013-2015

PAINTINGS 2013-2015 Probing Gaze. Pastel. Jack Richerson Silver Award at PSA. 18″x17″ Elise. Pastel. IAPS Prix du Pastel Award. 9″x12″ Ethan. Oil on Canvas. 12″x12″ H.B. Pastel. 12″x16″ Geneviève. Oil on Canvas. 10″x12″ Carmen_sm Elissa. Oil on Wood. 12″x12″ Hand Study (1). Oil on Canvas. 24″x20″ Hand Study (2). Oil on Canvas. 24″x 20″ Hand […]

ON PAPER 2013-2015

ON PAPER 2013-2015 Karsten. Mixed Media on Mylar. 20″x 24″ Karsten. Charcoal and Chalk. 18″x16″ Catherine. Mixed Media. 22″x 12″ Guy. Mixed Media. 13″x15″ Suzanne. Charcoal. 20″x18″ A.L. head_sm Catherine Looking Down. Charcoal and Chalk. 18″x22″ Catherine. Charcoal and Chalk. 16″x20″ Natasha. Charcoal. 22″x26″ Régine. Charcoal. 12″x15″ Lyne. Mixed Media. 20″x20″ Victor. Charcoal and Chalk. […]

ON PAPER 2016-2018

ON PAPER 2016-2018 Female Torso Study. Mixed Media. 22″x26″ A.L. Charcoal and Chalk. 16″x20″ M.L. Charcoal. 35″x28″ Madeline. Charcoal and Chalk. 11.5″x14.5″ C.V. Charcoal and Chalk. 15″x17″ (1) C.V. Charcoal and Chalk. 15″x17″ Christophe. Charcoal and Chalk. 12″x16.” G.P.. Charcoal. 16″x20″ S.E. Charcoal and Chalk. 15″x18″ SP. Mixed Media. 12″x17″ Sitting Model. Charcoal. 16″x20″ Small […]

ON PAPER 2019-2021

ON PAPER 2019-2021 SP. Mixed Media. 8″x8″ Sophie. Charcoal. 16″x20″

The Virgin Mary Series

The Virgin Mary Series This series began nameless, as I asked a model to take a relaxed standing pose on a stool. Since my studio is exposed to the northen light, the white walls became bluish in the resulting pictures. After completing the first painting of the series, I stood in front of this bluish […]

La Source a soif d’être bue (vidéo)

La Source a soif d’être bue ….There is also a fascination with the ‘edges’ of Being, for example the way in which the body exists in space and with the tension between the desire to retain one’s identity and yet simultaneously submerge oneself in the ebb and flow of existence. This is played out to […]

The Sea Inside Series

The Sea Inside series Diving in the eyes of another, we touch something so familiar that we have the strange sensation of diving into the depths of ourselves. In the stillness of the gaze, what is revealed is the essence of that which perceives in us… the sea inside. — Elaine Despins 2007 With great […]